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If you’re looking for affordable and expert wisdom tooth removal in Dewsbury, our highly experienced oral surgeons can help.

Tooth Removal Near Me in Dewsbury

If you’re looking for a highly-rated and affordable dental clinic offering tooth extractions in Dewsbury, we can help.

Our highly skilled oral surgeons have great experience in removing teeth and will be happy to carry out both routine and complex cases, as well as wisdom teeth extractions.

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Tooth removal from £90

Choose us for tooth removal and benefit from:

Tooth removal costs

To help keep this treatment as affordable as possible, we ensure our tooth removal treatment prices are some of the cheapest compared to other expert dentists near us in Dewsbury.

Treatment Prices
Tooth Extractions
£90 - £150

Tooth extraction expertise

While our main goal is to preserve natural teeth, there are instances where extraction may be the most beneficial option for a patient’s overall well-being – both physically and orally.

In these instances, the affected tooth (or teeth) can be safely extracted, with alternative options such as dental implants or bridges available for replacement.

Wisdom teeth extractions

In addition to regular tooth removal, we offer extraction services for impacted wisdom teeth that may cause issues. Despite the procedure’s daunting reputation, many patients have found it to be less intimidating than expected.

With our advanced technology, we are able to minimise discomfort with the use of effective local anaesthetics and sedation options for those who may need it, such as highly anxious patients or more complex cases.

Meet our expert oral surgeons

We are proud to have a superb oral surgery team with over 40 years combined UK dental experience. All are highly skilled and experienced in pain free tooth removal whether it be routine, surgical or wisdom teeth cases.

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Tooth removal FAQs

Typically, the need for an extraction is determined by your dentist during a routine check-up or while performing another procedure.

You will then be scheduled for an extraction consultation to further evaluate the situation.

This allows for a thorough evaluation and discussion of your options for moving forward.

Generally, adults possess a total of 32 teeth, with the final set being the wisdom teeth.

These molars are located at the back of the mouth and generally appear between the ages of 17 and 25, though sometimes they may erupt after this timeframe.

The extraction of wisdom teeth may be required if they become impacted and begin affecting surrounding teeth. Failure to address this issue can result in a painful infection. In some cases, dentists may suggest removing wisdom teeth as a preventive measure to avoid potential complications down the road.

No. If there is ample room, wisdom teeth have the potential to properly align and not result in any negative complications. Initially, there may be discomfort during the emergence of the tooth, but this will quickly subside once it is fully grown.

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Dr Aadil Kasia Can I just say what an amazing guy he is, I haven’t been to the dentist for such a long time as I’m frightened to death of them. I have always been admitted to hospital due to my phobia of dentist but this guy made me feel so safe and secure been in his hands. He talked me through everything he was going to do and made me feel such at ease, I had a tooth out that I had been putting off for ever, he had it out in less then 5 minutes and I did not feel any discomfort at all. I would highly recommend this guy if you are scared to go, just brilliant Thankyou so much.

Laura Hinchliffe (Feb 2024)

Very good dentist very friendly look after their patients when is emergency I had a bad tooth very painful they gave me an appointment soon has possible to take my tooth out thanks now I m ok thanks to my dentist their are very good teem of dentist doctors in this surgery

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