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If you’re looking for affordable and expert root canal treatment in Dewsbury, our highly experienced oral surgeons can help.

Root Canal Treatment Near Me in Dewsbury

We can expertly save and restore natural teeth that have become infected. Our highly skilled oral surgeons near Wakefield (in Dewsbury) have all the skills and expertise to carry out both routine and complex root canal treatments.

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Root canal treatment from £300

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To help keep this treatment as affordable as possible, we ensure our root canal treatment prices are very competitively priced compared to other expert dentists near us in Dewsbury.

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Root Filling (incisors, canines)
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Expert root canal treatment to save natural teeth

Endodontic treatment, also known as root canal treatment, is a procedure used to rescue and repair infected natural teeth. The nerves and blood vessels that make up the pulp tissues in teeth are vulnerable to infection if they come into contact with bacteria and decay.

Without seeking specialist intervention, the condition may worsen and ultimately lead to the removal of the tooth. Additionally, there is a possibility of infection spreading to surrounding teeth and causing further complications.

However, there is good news as professional root canal treatment can often preserve affected teeth, restoring both their appearance and function.

Meet our expert oral surgeons

We are proud to have a superb oral surgery team with over 40 years combined UK dental experience. All are highly skilled and experienced in pain free root canal treatment.

24 hour emergency dentist near Wakefield Yahya Patel

Dr Yahya Patel

MChD (Distinction) BChD BSc
GDC No. 270849

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Dr Nadeem Sabir

B.D.S Manchester University
GDC No. 244093

Dr Ghous Saghir 24 hour emergency dentist near me Dewsbury

Dr Ghous Saghir

GDC No. 278008

Dr Iqra Hafeez teeth whitening and emergency dentist Wakefield

Dr Iqra Hafeez

GDC No. 270965

root canal dentist Aatika Patel

Dr Aatika Patel

BChd University of Leeds
GDC No. 289845

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Root canal treatment FAQs

The presence of bacteria inside the tooth can lead to root infection, affecting the dental pulp and its tissues and nerves. This type of infection is commonly caused by decay, a filling that has become loose, or an injury.

While symptoms can vary, the most common indications are:

• Pain when biting and chewing
• Sensitivity to hot and cold foods/drinks
• Swollen/bleeding gums
• Enamel discolouration
• Loose tooth
• Bad breath

Often, the thought of undergoing a root canal can bring feelings of unease and pain. Fortunately, advancements in techniques have made the process much less daunting.

Our root canal treatments are performed using highly effective local anaesthetics, ensuring minimal discomfort for our patients. While you may experience some mild sensitivity after the procedure, this can be alleviated by taking over-the-counter painkillers.

After receiving treatment, it is crucial to refrain from using the affected tooth for biting or chewing until it has been adequately protected from external pressures.

This can be accomplished with a long-lasting restoration from a dental laboratory or by wearing a protective nightguard. We strongly advise all patients to continue practicing good daily oral hygiene practices, including brushing and flossing.

Root canal treatment reviews via Google

I joined Batley Carr Dental Surgery around six months ago as I was having problems with some of my teeth having gone so long without being registered anywhere. In this time, I have needed a filling, a root canal procedure and a crown.

My appointments have been with Dr Yahya Patel. He is great at making you feel comfortable, explains things properly, and executes his work with high quality and care. All the staff here are friendly and the customer service is on point 👌🏽.

Very pleased that I am registered here and I’ll be making sure I keep up with my regular check ups from now on!


A 5 star experience and service for a root canal and crown, both dr Kasia and his assistant showed great professionalism and advice through my procedures.

I would highly recommend this dental practice A++


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Our practice is welcoming, comfortable and equipped with the latest cutting-edge dental technology.

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