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If you’re looking for affordable and expert dental hygiene treatment in Dewsbury, our highly experienced hygienists can help.

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Benefit from the expertise of our highly rated and experienced dental hygienist team in Dewsbury. Our dental hygiene appointments are the best way to keep your teeth and gums in top condition. 

We can refresh your smile and help prevent problems before they happen.

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Dental hygiene appointments from £40

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Dental hygiene treatment costs

To help keep this essential treatment as affordable as possible, we ensure our dental hygiene treatment prices are some of the cheapest compared to other expert dentists near us in Dewsbury.

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Scale and polish with the dentist
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The importance of dental hygiene

It’s impossible to over-emphasise the importance of good dental hygiene. This is because poor oral health can lead to all kinds of conditions from tooth decay to gum disease, not to mention bad breath.

A good daily hygiene and teeth cleaning routine at home, alongside regular visits to our hygienist, is the best way of taking care of your teeth and gums. 

This combination will give you the confidence of knowing your mouth is clean and healthy.

Clean and healthy smiles

Our hygienists will professionally clean, scale and polish your teeth, as well as show you the most effective ways to prevent the future build up of plaque and other deposits. 

We also have a range of toothbrushes, floss and interdental brushes available for purchase which our hygienists will be happy to show you how to use most effectively.

Meet our expert dental hygienist

Benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our highly skilled dental hygienist, Perveen Rehman, who has over 22 years extensive hygiene experience. 

Her expertise has enhanced and protected the smiles of many patients from Batley, Dewsbury and further afield across West Yorkshire.

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Mrs Perveen Rehman

Dip Dent Hyg | GDC No. 5899

See inside our new Dewsbury dental hygiene clinic

Our practice is welcoming, comfortable and equipped with the latest cutting-edge dental hygiene technology.

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Dental hygiene FAQs

Actions which you can take yourself include brushing your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste twice a day and flossing at least once a week.

Rinsing with mouthwash can also help, as can chewing sugar-free gum after meals.

The food and drinks we consume can have a major impact on our teeth and gums, as well as our health in general.

Our hygienists have expert dietary knowledge and can talk you through changes you can make to benefit your smile.

If teeth aren’t cleaned effectively then plaque is likely to form on their surface.

This mixture of food and bacteria looks like a soft, sticky film and, it left undisturbed, it can harden into tartar.

This build up of bacteria irritates and inflames the adjoining gums, making them painful and prone to bleeding.

This condition is called gingivitis, which can in turn lead to periodontal disease without the appropriate intervention.

Dental hygiene appointments are extremely good value compared to comparatively expensive restorative treatments required when problems are allowed to develop.

Having your teeth regularly cleaned and checked by your dentist or hygienist is the best way to protect your smile... and potentially your finances in the long term.

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I highly recommend Batley Carr Dental Practice. 

My experience from booking an appointment to attending and the actual meet with the dentist was very pleasant and friendly. The call takers and reception were very friendly and helpful. I had booked an appointment with Dr Aadil Kasai. 

I was pleased with the oral check and the expert advice given for way forward. Dr Aadil took the time without rushing and answering my queries. 

I am a happy customer. Thank you Muhammad Noman


I have my teeth examined and cleaned regularly by the hygienist, Mrs Parveen, the ever so proffesional one and her smiley assistant Alysha. Under their care, I am confident that my teeth will outlast my life. A highly professional, competent, polite, and pain-free experience.

A superb service from reception to the exit. Highly recommended..


Excellent professional treatment from Dr Kasia who explained jaw exercises well. Very happy with the treatment from dental hygienist who is not only very professional but polite and friendly.


I’m not really one to leave reviews but… Had my appointment with the Hygienist Perveen & her apprentice who’s name I’ve forgotten. Absolutely lovely people. Profound experience and amazing work. Crazy difference with the before and after and not too pricey. Both individuals seem bubbly but professional at the same time. A thorough cleanse was done at a good rate and would highly recommend to anybody who is having issues with their teeth, gums etc. Receptionists also very professional and all seem dedicated in their line of work.


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